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  • Remote Desktop
  • Remote Desktop Search & Send
  • Internet Favorites
  • One-Click Remote Access
  • Send Files as Secure Links
  • Download or Upload
  • Remote Outlook Access
  • Synchronize Folders
  • File Transfer

Laplink Everwhere Pricing

  • Remote Desktop

    Remotely control your PC from anywhere and use it as if you were sitting in front of it.

  • One-Click Remote Access

    Remote Desktop Control, Remote Access to Outlook™, Remote File Transfer, Remote Synchronization, and more with only one click.

  • Remote Outlook Access

    Remotely access Outlook™ and use its components such as e-mail, calendar, tasks and notes using Laplink Everywhere’s streamlined web interface.

  • Remote Desktop Search

    Find and forward any file or e-mail from your remote PC using Remote Desktop Search from Google® or Windows®.

    (Note: Remote Desktop Search must be already installed and running on your Host PC.)


Laplink Everywhere should only be used as intended and as described in the User Guide. If you attempt to use this product for unintended purposes, your computer may become unstable or unusable.

If you have any questions, please review the documentation below or contact Laplink Technical Support.

Laplink Everywhere Documentation

System Requirements

Laplink Everywhere Host (installed on the PC you will access):

Windows 8 (see note below) | 7 | Vista | XP

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) not available for use with Windows 8, must use Laplink Screen Sharing instead

Laplink Toolbar (installed on the PC you will use to access the PC with the host installed on it):

Internet Explorer 6 and up

Remote Access from any device with a browser:

Any internet browser

Upgrade for total access

Your free download of Laplink Everywhere gives you unlimited remote access to your PC for 30 days. After your 30 days with the Full version, Laplink Everywhere will become the free Limited version, allowing you to still remotely access your PC with remote desktop search and send, access to Internet Favorites (bookmarks) and more. No charge, no limits, no expiry dates, no strings attached.

You can upgrade anytime to the Full version and get total remote access to your PC with all the features of Laplink Everywhere. Pricing for total remote access to a single PC is USD 49.95 (EUR 39,95 / GBP 34.95) a year – or buy licenses for two PCs and get the third free!

Why Upgrade?

Use the Toolbar for one-click remote access, use remote control (remote desktop), to remotely work as if sitting in front of your PC, transfer and synchronize files and folders between your local and remote PCs, use remote search and send to find and send files to anyone, send large file as secure download links, and more!

Search for files on remote PC
Remotely send search results as email attachments
View and access remote PC Internet Explorer favorites
Remote access to Microsoft Outlook
Remote desktop control
Send any file as a secure download link
Remotely synchronize folders
Download files from remote PC
Upload files to remote PC

Download now

The free Limited version of Laplink Everywhere provides unlimited remote desktop search & send and access to Internet favorites.

For 30 days you will enjoy the Full version product which provide you with additional features from the Full version such as: remote desktop (remote control), upload or download files between PCs, synchronize your files and folders, securely send any size file from your desktop as a download link, and much more.

For a complete comparison of the Full and the free Limited version, please visit our upgrade section.

  • Laplink Everywhere Host

    Install Host on the computer you want to access remotely. Please install the application according to this guide.

    Host & Toolbar
  • Laplink Toolbar

    Install Toolbar on any computer from which you want to access a computer that has Host installed. Please install the toolbar according to this guide.

    Toolbar Only
  • Smartphone

    Install LaplinkMobile iOS App on your Smartphone for one-click access to your remote PCs. Or, access Laplink Everywhere from any Smartphone browser.

  • Web

    Safe, secure, and fast access from any browser.

    Using any web browser simply go to, to bring your PC to you. Using the same technology as Internet banking, you can securely use any PC, public or private, to remotely access your PC.

    Whether you are on a public computer, borrowing a friend’s PC, or using a private computer at home, accessing your PC remotely is safe and secure.

    Bring your PC to you and stay productive with complete remote access without ever having to launch, configure or navigate a complicated application.

    Host & Toolbar
  • Laplink Toolbar

    Access to your PC in one click.

    Install the free Laplink Toolbar for Internet Explorer (version 6 or later) and experience the first remote access technology to offer you one-click access to your PC. Search your PC, send and transfer files remotely, launch full remote control, access Outlook, and more – fast, easy, with just one-click!

    The Laplink Toolbar is the first and only remote access program that gives you secure and simple one-click access to your PC. No application to launch, no website to navigate and no custom configuration. Remote access has never been so quick and easy! PLUS IT’S FREE.

    Toolbar Only
  • Smartphone

    Never rush back to your PC for that important file again.

    Using ANY phone with a web browser, get complete access to your PCs with Laplink Everywhere. Remotely search your PC, find the file you need and send it to anyone. It’s fast and easy – and you’ll never get stuck without access to your PC!

    Laplink Everywhere is compatible with all Smartphones that have an internet browser, including Smartphones such as Windows Phone 7 & 8, Android and iPhone.

Access your PC from anywhere!

Complete freedom from your office or home PCs while staying connected, anytime and anywhere. That’s Laplink Everywhere.

Enjoy fast, simple, and secure remote access to all your PCs from anywhere, using any web browser on any device, including PCs, Smartphones, and Macs! If you can access the Internet, you can get access to your PCs using Laplink Everywhere.

With the free Laplink Toolbar, you’ll get one-click remote access to your PCs, giving you the fastest tools to access your PCs. One-click remote access and the Laplink Toolbar are features only available with Laplink Everywhere.

For more information, please read the User Guide!

  • Web

    Simply go to from any web browser to bring your remote PCs to you. Using the same technology found in Internet banking, you can securely use any web browser, public or private to remotely access your PCs.

    Host & Toolbar
  • Laplink Toolbar

    The free Laplink Toolbar gives you one-click remote access to your PCs. With one-click you can remotely control your PC, remotely search and send files, access your PC’s Outlook client, transfer and synchronize files.

    Toolbar Only
  • Smartphone

    Relax, there is no longer a need to rush back to the office to send that important file. From any Smartphone, search your remote PCs and forward files and e-mail directly from the search results. No matter where you are, you’re connected to your PCs with any Smartphone.