PCmover pricing depends on the number of licenses and which edition you require. There are different licensing options available that determine price and time to deploy, and significant volume discounts are available.

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Annual Site License (ASL) designed for larger networks. ASL’s allow for migrations throughout a 12-month period of time. Pricing is customized based on expected volume. Discounts are available for multi-year agreements.

Volume Licensing Agreement (VLA) are offered for lower volume needs and/or flexibility. In a VLA the licenses do not expire. Pricing is tiered based with quantity discounts. In most cases the per migration cost is somewhat higher with this more flexible option.

Are you part of a non-profit, academic, or government entity? Laplink offers special discounts to those who qualify. Please contact us for details.

Laplink requires a one-use license for every PC environment to be transferred to a new PC or a new operating system. The pricing is adapted to reflect the use per desktop.

Which Version is Right for your Organization?

Corporate (Government) Annual Site License

The Annual Site license offers an easy licensing option and allows the licensee to deploy a set amount of licenses without license administration or overhead. The Laplink License server monitors the uses of PCmover without any reporting mechanism by the corporate user. After 12 months the counter is reset for a new annual license.

Volume License Agreement

Attractive discounts are provided for volume license customers. No matter how many license are required, Laplink VLA agreements can determine the right price for you. One serial number with a set number of activations or multiple serial numbers can be allocated for the administrative convenience of our customers.


5-, 10-, or 25-packs are provided for a limited and predefined number of migrations. A corresponding number of serial numbers are provided to allow the individual use of licenses.

Government and Education purchasing

Special discount might be available for government, educational and non-profit organizations. Please contact your account executive for more details.

Employee Purchase Program

Customers choosing the “Corporate Site License” may elect to receive the same discounts for the personal use of Laplink products for their employees or members. Please contact your account executive for more information.

Non-Profit Organizations

Request further information about license grants from your account executive.

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