PCmover Enterprise Resources

    • PCmover Enterprise Overview (PDF)

      Learn about the features and benefits of the latest version of PCmover Enterprise and the new Policy Manager.

    • Laplink Corporate Business Solutions (PDF)

      Learn about Laplink’s enterprise-class PC life-cycle solutions and how Laplink will save you money.

PCmover Enterprise User Documentation

  • PCmover Enterprise Reviewers Guide (PDF)

    Read up on the PC Migration market and see why PCmover is the only migration utility to move, copy and transfer programs, files and settings.

  • PCmover Enterprise User Guide (PDF)

    Use this handy guide to become a PCmover expert and learn how to use PCmover, from its basic to most advanced features.

  • PCmover Enterprise Policy Manager Guide (PDF)

    Use this guide to setup advanced controls for administrators.

  • End User License Agreement – EULA (PDF)

    This document describes PCmover Licensing agreements.

Laplink Whitepapers

  • Use PCmover Enteprise within SCCM (PDF)

    Fully automate your migrations by incorporating PCmover Enterprise within Microsofts System Center Configuration Manager.

  • Windows 10 Impact on IT Departments (PDF)

    A comprehensive look at how Microsoft’s most significant OS upgrade since the 1990s will affect IT and how PCmover fits in.

  • Easier and More Efficient Migrations (PDF)

    PCmover Enterprise simplifies and standardizes PC deployments for specialized manufacturing company.

Laplink Case Studies

There is no doubt that PCmover will save you time and money when you need a migration solution for your organization. For this reason, companies from both public, private, Profit and Non-Profit sectors have all adopted PCmover. These organizations include such high profile companies as Federal Express, Northwestern University, Marriott International, IBM, National Semiconductor, Xerox, University of California – Berkeley, and the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

  • Australian Government Agency (PDF)

    A government agency in Australia seeking to improve process and reduce costs for hardware refresh and transfers of settings, applications and data. These tasks needed to be completed for approximately 1,400 PCs in 20 offices.

  • Elliott Group Turbomachinery (PDF)

    With 1,500+ employees and 10 locations worldwide, Elliott Group needed a migration solution they could rely on to streamline and simplify their PC upgrade and deployment process.

  • Glatfelter Paper Products (PDF)

    With limited IT team resources and a wildly diverse global network, this medium-sized manufacturer uses PCmover Enterprise to simplify their normal course of business in PC refreshes.

  • Multi-National Pharmaceutical Company (PDF)

    This multi-national pharma company used PCmover Enterprise to migrate roughly 100,000 PCs within 14 months, most of which were done by the end-users themselves. The IT team, having previously used USMT, found PCmover to be a much more complete and simple solution.

PCmover Enterprise Tutorial Series

The PCmover Enterprise migration solution is broken up into two parts, the “PCmover Client” and the “Policy Manager”. The PCmover Enterprise Client is the application that is used to migrate applications, users, files, and settings from an old to new PC automatically. The Policy Manager is available to network administrators or desktop support technicians to configure the PCmover Client, such as hiding specific steps from users, defining what options can and cannot be selected, mapping users, setting up reports and notifications, or building custom filters.

Please refer to the following set of tutorials to best understand the PCmover Enterprise implementation process within your organization. If you have more specific questions or require further assistance, please contact us.

Documentation (PDF)