Business Products


Businesses today are tested in solving challenging PC lifecycle problems, resulting in inefficiencies, lost opportunities, impacts to employee morale, and unplanned hard costs.

To address the most common IT challenges facing business customers today, Laplink has created a set of enterprise-class tools and solutions to help any business save time and money across all aspects of the enterprise PC lifecycle.

Since 1983, Laplink Software has been committed to providing enterprise-class solutions to challenging IT projects, rescuing valuable time, money, and business productivity. Whether your organization is looking to invest in new PCs, upgrade to the latest operating system without hassle, or protect sensitive data from loss or theft, Laplink has you covered.

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Business Products

  • Replace PCs and Laptops for employees quickly and easily, in under an hour.
  • The perfect solution for SMBs with new PCs.
  • Migrates applications, files, and settings between user profiles on the same computer.
  • Cloud solution to manage and monitor your Windows PCs and Servers.
  • Permanently erase your data for complete protection.
  • Create images and restore entire systems quickly and easily, for both desktops and servers.