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PCmover Business

PCmover Business is the only software recommended by Microsoft for all your migration needs. Businesses in need of a better solution to automatically deploy new PCs, upgrade existing PCs, or replace them via routine maintenance and break/fix scenarios, should use PCmover Business.

PCmover Business provides SMB organizations advanced migration options to greatly reduce the time to deploy PCs, and dramatically lower the cost of PC refresh projects. The ability to automatically transfer everything desired from one PC to another not only saves hours of IT labor, but also increases end-user satisfaction. The results of using PCmover (over other options) are less post-migration helpdesk calls, and increased efficiency and productivity – ultimately leading to an improved bottom line.

Key Features

  • • Reduces deployment time for PC migrations by up to 4 hours per PC.
  • • Ensures all user profiles, settings, and data are transferred without error.
  • • Automatically reinstalls applications and custom-built programs, without having to manually configure each one.
  • • Post-migration support tickets are reduced because everything on the PC is where the user expects it to be.
  • • Advanced deployment features include running PCmover from a memory stick, attached drive, or a server share.
  • • Flexible licensing options to purchase what you need, when you need it.
  • Coming Soon: Add-on Policy files for advanced migration scenarios.

Licensing Options

NEWTechnician License:
Each tier has an initial fee to secure per-license pricing, based on your expected monthly volume.
5 Uses/Month: $49.95 + $34.95 per use
10 Uses/Month: $99.95 + $29.95 per use
25 Uses/Month: $249.95 + $21.95 per use
50 Uses/Month: $499.95 + $19.95 per use

Technician License

Designed for SMB organizations, MSPs, System Integrators, and other IT service professionals who regularly deploy PCs but want a flexible buying option.

The “pay-per-use” nature of the Technician License gives the flexibility of only being invoiced for what is used – when it’s used. Compared to the standard licensing, this provides users with a lower initial investment. You can purchase 1 of 4 tiers, with an initial setup fee, and unlock the lowest per-license costs available!

PCmover Business’s Technician License ultimately provides organizations with a simple, scalable solution for multiple data migrations and minimal financial investment. ​

Save With Technician License vs Standard License

Quantity Initial Fee Per License Total Cost Savings Over Standard
5 Use(s)/month $49.95 $34.95 $224.70 $5.30
10 Use(s)/month $99.95 $29.95 $399.45 $20.55
25 Use(s)/month $249.95 $21.95 $789.70 $101.30
50 Use(s)/month $499.95 $19.95 $1499.45 $300.55

Standard License Packs

This option is ideal for those who know exactly how many licenses they’ll be using and need to make a one-time purchase. This option offers a one-time purchase of 1-25 licenses to use at your leisure.

Standard License: Per License Total Cost
1 Use $59.95 $59.95
5 Uses $46.00 $230
10 Uses $42.00 $420
25 Uses $36.00 $900

Zero Risk

PCmover Business includes a 90-day, money-back guarantee to provide ultimate peace of mind. ​


PCmover System Requirements

Windows 10 | 8.1 | 8 | 7

200 MB of hard disk space

*Applications may require re-entry of a license code ore re-activating on the new PC. Certain system settings and applications may not be transferred due to their incompatibility with the operating system on the new PC.

Technician License FAQs:

Thank you for your interest!
Someone will be in contact with you soon!

Have a larger scale project?

If you are looking for a way to manage hardware replacements, break-fixes, and PC refreshes, on a larger scale, PCmover Enterprise is your best option. It not only includes all of the features of PCmover Business, it allows you to:

  •    • Implement a zero-touch migration process with multiple migrations deployed from a central location.
  •    • Customize the migration experience fully through the proprietary Policy Manager without the need for XML or other coding knowledge.
  •    • Qualify for Enterprise-class support.

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