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Laplink's My Support system uses web-browser cookies to store your login information. When the correct login credentials return you to the login screen repeatedly, that can indicate a cookie problem. Here are instructions for correcting such a problem:
1. Ensure that your browser can accept cookies
  Your web browser settings control the acceptance of cookies. Be sure to configure it to allow cookies. You can do this in Internet Explorer from Tools -> Internet Options, privacy tab. If you are behind a firewall, make sure the firewall allows cookies as well.
2. Clear out any existing cookies, which may have become corrupted
  You can do this in Internet Explorer from Tools -> Internet Options, general tab. There is a button there to 'Delete Cookies'. (Warning: This will delete cookies used by other websites as well, and cookies can be helpful for storing your web-surfing preferences. Cookies are re-created automatically when visiting the parent website, however.)
3. ...or delete only your existing Laplink cookies
  a) In Windows go to Start -> Search -> For Files or Folders
  b) Search your local harddrive(s) for @www.laplink
  c) If a .txt file shows up, it's a laplink cookie and should be deleted.
  d) Close and restart all browser windows
4. Try the login again
  Visit www.laplink.com/mysupport
  Login with the email address and password you registered with

If you still cannot login to My Support after following the instructions above, please respond with answers to the following questions:

1. Step number above (#1-4) that you had difficulty performing
2. Did you find a laplink cookie when you searched?
3. Browser & Version (example: Internet Explorer 7.0, Mozilla Firefox 3.05)
4. Error message or symptom that prevents the login.
5. Operating System version

We look forward to hearing from you and bringing this problem to a swift resolution. In the meantime, please note that Laplink technicians are available through Live Chat support, which does not require that you login to My Support, and does not require browser cookies..

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