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Laplink Releases User Profile Migration Software with Azure Support

Use the new PCmover Profile Migrator to quickly and easily transfer applications, data, and settings between user profiles.
Perfect for transitioning Active Directory to Azure AD.

August 9, 2018

Laplink® Software, Inc. today announced the release of its newest software, PCmover Profile Migrator, which migrates all selected applications, data, and settings between user profiles on the same computer.

PCmover Profile Migrator is ideal to use when migrating data from an old user profile associated with a former domain to a new user profile on the current domain. This commonly occurs due to a merger or acquisition; for example, an old company domain transitioning to a new company domain.

“PCmover Profile Migrator is built upon Laplink’s existing and proven PCmover platform, providing a streamlined solution for user profile migration.”

Another common usage for PCmover Profile Migrator is when transitioning the local domain controller from on-premise to cloud-based, which many organizations are considering today or are currently implementing. Numerous companies are taking this path by capitalizing on Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure, including all those using Microsoft 365 Business.

With PCmover Profile Migrator, user profile data associated with the on-premise (local) Active Directory services can be quickly and easily transferred to the new user profile associated with the Azure AD domain services.

As IT personnel are aware, a PC can only be joined to one domain – and a user profile associated with a specific domain can only be connected when that PC is joined to that same domain. So, when an existing PC is disconnected from a local domain (usually an on-premise domain controller providing AD services) and is then connected to a domain managed by Azure (Azure AD services), a user loses access to everything associated with their old user profile.

PCmover Profile Migrator solves this problem, quickly and easily migrating everything from the old user profile to the new one.

“PCmover Profile Migrator is built upon Laplink’s existing and proven PCmover platform, providing a streamlined solution for user profile migration,” shared Thomas Koll, Laplink’s CEO. “With just a few clicks, an IT professional or small business owner can set up and migrate user profiles with ease.”

PCmover Profile Migrator is uniquely efficient in that the migration process itself occurs locally. Other migration products require offloading the user data to another location – either via Internet upload or perhaps copying to a network share – both of which impact bandwidth usage and/or network traffic. PCmover Profile Migrator bypasses these additional steps.

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