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Laplink Software, Inc. Raises the Bar on Performance, Reliability, and Security With
the Release of LapLink Gold version 11.5

Adds reliable “direct connect” USB support and optional USB 2.0 performance to achieve record transfer speeds.
Upgrades security and firewall navigation with integrated use of the LapLink Everywhere network.

June 24, 2003

Laplink® Software, Inc., the recognized world leader in file transfer and synchronization, today announces the release of version 11.5 of the popular LapLink Gold(TM) file transfer and remote control product.

LapLink Gold 11.5 now supports a reliable direct connect USB transfer for both USB 1.1 and 2.0 standards as well as new secure firewall navigation using the LapLink Everywhere network. Many additional refinements have been added to simplify the user interface as well as performance enhancements for file transfer, synchronization, and remote control features. LapLink Gold version 11.5 is now also available preloaded on a USB “pen drive” for maximum flexibility and mobility.

“This is the first product release since restructuring and the beginning of what we think will be a significant growth opportunity as Laplink Software delivers high value instant connectivity utility products and services”

“Our new direct connect USB support delivers optimal performance of up to 60 (Mb) megabits per second with rock solid reliability and ease of use that has been a longtime trademark of Laplink products,” said Mark Eppley, President of Laplink Software, Inc. “Adding support for connecting over our LapLink Everywhere network solves a major usage issue and now allows our customers with no previous working knowledge of firewall or router configurations to connect easily, all while maintaining the high security standards Laplink has always had.”

Also new to LapLink Gold version 11.5 is a lowered price point of $99.95 for the downloaded version, $109.95 for the packaged product version, and $129.95 preloaded on a USB pen drive. This option provides mobile users with a hard copy of LapLink and allows them to use it on computers that may not have a CDROM drive.

“This is the first product release since restructuring and the beginning of what we think will be a significant growth opportunity as Laplink Software delivers high value instant connectivity utility products and services,” said Thomas Koll, Chairman and CEO of Laplink Software, Inc.

Other changes with this version are the inclusion of a FREE custom USB version 1.1 transfer cable with activity LED lights. Laplink has partnered with IOGEAR, Inc. which will be supplying an optional SmartLink(TM) USB 2.0 networking cable for $49.95 (estimated street price). The SmartLink represents an innovative breakthrough in networking, allowing networking using USB 2.0 speed without the need for a dedicated server. “We are thrilled to be partnering with the company that invented transferring files over a cable,” said Miranda Su, Vice President Sales & Marketing for IOGEAR, a leading connectivity and computer peripheral manufacturer. “We believe Laplink customers will be pleased with the quality and performance of IOGEAR’s SmartLink USB 2.0 cable.”

LapLink Gold version 11.5 includes a FREE 30-day subscription to the LapLink Everywhere mobile web access service. This service has been engineered and seamlessly integrated into LapLink Gold 11.5 providing simple and flexible one click connectivity to any computer over the Internet securely using encrypted VPN-like connections. LapLink Everywhere supports SSL 128 bit encryption and LapLink Gold supports the crypto API provided by Microsoft operating systems. LapLink Everywhere is a mobile access subscription service that allows access to email, calendars, contacts, files, forms, and databases from any browser-based device including web phones, PDA’s, Internet cafe’s, or an Apple Macintosh. Combined with the automatic file recovery features of LapLink Gold, performing large wireless file transfers in environments with intermittent connectivity is now possible.

Significant performance improvements have been made to this version’s remote control, file transfer, and synchronization features. For example, the maximum file transfer and synchronization performance has been increased from the previous 4Mb per second to over 60Mb per second utilizing the new direct connect USB 2.0 support. This version provides full cross compatibility between the USB 1.1 and 2.0 standards found on many of today’s computers.

LapLink Gold 11.5 is available for $99.95 download from the Laplink website at or can be ordered by calling 800/LAP-LINK. LapLink offers FREE email and online web chat support services. New with LapLink Gold version 11.5 is the optional phone call back service provided for all customers who have purchased this version during the first 30 days of usage.

About Laplink Software, Inc.

Laplink celebrates 20 years as an established leader in the development of file transfer and synchronization technology. Laplink has earned the trust of more than 15 million customers worldwide who transfer millions of files per week. Laplink has released fourteen generations of award winning file transfer and synchronization products. In addition, Laplink is the developer and exclusive patent-holder of SpeedSync(TM) technology.

Laplink Software, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Kirkland, Washington with international sales offices in Europe, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region. Laplink products are available through its Web site at or most retail outlets including CompUSA, Micro Center, Office Depot, and Fry’s Electronics.

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